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Herbal products are becoming increasingly popular

Vegan nutrition is becoming more and more popular - because modern processes can produce more and more foods that taste like meat, but still consist of plant substances. This could lead to a serious change in awareness of nutrition in the next few years.

Vegans can hope for a larger selection of products Whether vegan burgers, schnitzel or roast chicken: In future, more and more products could be on local supermarket shelves that taste and look like meat, but are still purely vegetable. While there is already a relatively large selection in the USA in this area, there is still some catching up to do in Europe. But according to the head of the German Institute for Food Technology, Volker Heinz, vegans in this country could soon hope for a larger selection of products.

Particularly high quality for vegan poultry meat According to Volker Heinz, this primarily concerns the replacement for chicken or turkey meat, because "an analogue product to beef and beef steak cannot be produced in this way," the expert told the news agency "Dpa". Heinz, on the other hand, believes that vegan poultry meat can be produced with high quality, so that consumers can hardly tell the difference to "real" meat. Therefore, a further development and expansion of the range of herbal products could ensure that more and more people resort to vegan foods, the expert continues. This also speaks for the fact that plant products could possibly be of higher quality in future than the animal original. After all, according to today's fattening criteria, pigs would normally be slaughtered after about six months, "because they cannot produce Serrano-quality ham," Heinz told dpa. In the form of a vegan plant product, however, this is quite possible.

Manufacturing without risky chemicals According to Heinz, the production of the corresponding products is unproblematic and does not require any chemicals - instead, the meatless alternatives are made from vegetable protein concentrates, water and spices as well as the use of temperature and so-called "shear forces". Even though more and more people will probably turn to vegan products in the future, Heinz may not yet speak of a “food turnaround” - in his opinion, rapid changes in the food sector are not likely. Instead, however, a "change in perception in developed countries" can be determined, because meat consumption is already declining in many European countries and the USA, Heinz further told dpa.

A faster change in consciousness than with "Bio"? Christian Vagedes, founder of Vegan Gesellschaft Deutschland, on the other hand, believes in a faster change in awareness among consumers, triggered by the increasing attractiveness of vegan foods. So "this trend will be a little bit faster than organic", Vagedes suspects to the dpa. Because here it would have taken more than 20 years for corresponding products to be found in any ordinary supermarket, whereas purely vegetable products were already on the shelves at almost every discounter.

Vegan nutrition even on a small budget According to the experts, a vegan diet does not have to be expensive, but instead, even on a small budget, you can live a high-quality and varied vegan life: "Many discounters have organic vegetable milk for under 90 cents per liter, there is Organic meat alternatives and tofu, which you can get for less than 3 euros and with which you can prepare a dish for two people, ”Vagedes informed in an interview with the online newspaper“ ”.

"Vegan Trade Fair" will inform you on November 2nd in Hamburg
Vegan is booming - also at this year's “Vegan Trade Fair” on November 2nd in Hamburg, where the leading vegan branded goods manufacturers will present their innovative products. From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., visitors can also attend lectures and cooking shows in the “Tango” event terminal at Hamburg Airport and also try the variety of vegan food. According to Christian Vagedes, an important event for all vegans and those interested, because "the vegan subject is something for everyone who consciously means well and wants to combine vegan with organic, fairtrade and other ethical standards," according to a recent message from the "Vegan Society Germany" eV “(no)

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