Bad: Even children want a cosmetic surgery

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Every seventh child wants cosmetic surgery

Flawless looks are not just the desire of many adults. Beauty craze is already playing an ever increasing role in children. According to a survey, one in seven children between the ages of nine and 14 would like an external change. TV shows, but also various glossy magazines, give the impression that you can only make progress in life with a stylish exterior. This sometimes leads to the fact that many children already have precise ideas about what they want to change. Nationwide, 10,000 children between the ages of nine and 14 were interviewed. Liposuction, pimples removal and nose corrections are at the top of the wish list, according to the results of the children's barometer published by Bausparkasse LBS on Thursday.

Little girls think about breast surgeries It is astonishing that even the little ones have the desire for the ideal figure at the top. And it's not about correcting "sail ears". Fifty-two percent of children who have ever thought of having a cosmetic surgery said they liked to have liposuction. If one compares the treatment requests with those of adults, similarities can hardly be overlooked. The treatment of blemishes (31 percent), the correction of the nose (23 percent) or the chest (22 percent) followed in the other places. Some girls even play with breast surgery before the breast is even there. It shows up; "The worse the children feel in the family, in the living environment, at school and in general, the more likely they are to change their bodies," the survey says. For Friedhelm Güthoff from the German Child Protection Association, this development should be viewed with great concern. "I advise parents not to allow their children to undergo cosmetic surgery," said Güthoff. A lot more help the youngsters a stable self-confidence and the strengthening of the feeling "I am okay the way I am". Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this trend is scary. (fr)

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