Doctors and psychologists involved in torture

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Doctors and psychologists participated in torture in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib

There have been many reports of torture practices in the Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons, showing the suffering suffered by the prisoners under the guise of "counter-terrorism". For this reason, the Institute on Medicine as a Profession and the Open Society Institute set up a commission back in 2010 to answer the question of the involvement of doctors in interrogations, torture or force-feeding of prisoners. The results have brought to light an immense amount of inhumane practices and made recommendations to safeguard medical ethics necessary.

The results had already been completed in 2012. However, according to Jeffrey Kaye, a member of the commission, a campaign tactical Greens decided not to publish it, as this would certainly not have put Barack Obama in a bad light. Legal processing of the arbitrary kidnapping, detention and torture was specifically prevented. At that time, only a short excerpt was published about the involvement of doctors in torture and interrogation, as has been demonstrated in other studies, and was condemned as an "alarming violation" of medical ethics.

Pentagon and CIA promote torture practices Investigations have shown that the Pentagon and the CIA specifically urged doctors and psychologists to violate ethical principles and medical standards such as the Hippocratic Oath and harm people in prison camps. The doctors helped torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners. The participation in interrogation and counseling, how disorientation and fear can be increased among the prisoners, the support of interrogations with medication and the force-feeding of hunger strikers should be emphasized.

For example, "doctors" were listed as "security officers" to disguise their actual duties. In addition, contrary to the prohibition of the World Medical Association and the American Medical Association, prisoners were force-fed. Medical knowledge should be used for interrogations and ill-treatment of prisoners, contrary to international rules, should not be reported. Between 2002 and 2003, more than 350 so-called self-injuries were not examined for their reasons, but were tacitly accepted.

Doctors and psychologists are complicit If you think that these inhumane practices are a thing of the past, you were wrong. The Pentagon has set up a committee to investigate the questionable medical and ethical processes in Guantanamo, but the changed practices of psychologists and doctors and the lack of ethical standards have not changed. But if you only point your finger at the "bad" government, you are making it too easy. After all, doctors and psychologists who support such procedures or simply tolerate them are just as much to blame. The doctors at the Office of Medical Services of the CIA ultimately approved torture methods such as waterboarding, isolation, sleep deprivation, and causing fear as "intensified interrogation methods" and found them medically acceptable. On closer inspection, however, all of these methods are clearly torture. For the medical professor and member of the Gerald Thomson working group, there is no question that Americans can rely on doctors to follow medical ethics. No matter who you work for. It remains to be seen whether the report will really herald a change. Simply calling on Pentagon medical staff and the CIA to adhere to medical ethics is unlikely to do much.

Changes remain questionable Pressure should also be exerted by the medical associations and the Psychological Association, which are intended to strengthen the ethical standards. The US President is also asked to finally launch an independent investigation into the involvement of medical personnel in the torture and ill-treatment. The state should take a clear position on the events. You shouldn't expect too much, because the only thing President Obama had examined was the question of whether there are techniques directly related to torture to get prisoners to speak. One should also doubt whether a clearly defined medical ethics will prevent doctors and psychologists from directly or indirectly participating in torture. After all, one cannot speak of a really new finding that participation in torture contradicts medical ethics. (fr)

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