Listeria germs in Castello cream cheese rings

Listeria germs in Castello cream cheese rings

Listeria bacteria found in Castello cream cheese rings

The Arla dairy is currently recalling a batch of Castello cream cheese rings as a precaution. A low level of listeria was found in a quality control.

Only fresh cheese rings with rum affected A precautionary recall campaign by the dairy company Arla Foods is currently underway for a batch of their Castello fresh cheese rings with rum. A low level of infection with listeria was found during a quality control. The goods are exclusively a batch of cream cheese rings with rum in 125 gram packs, which were manufactured at the Arla plant in Korsvejen in Denmark. Overall, it is about 700 kilograms. The affected packs have the production date 27.10.2013, best before date (BBD): 05.01.2014 and the health mark: DK M 277 EG.

Destroy or return cheese Buyers of these products should destroy the cheese or return it to the point of sale where it can be exchanged or reimbursed. According to the manufacturer, experts assume that the listeria that has occurred cannot multiply to the extent that consumer safety is at risk even until the expiry date. As Arla Foods emphasized in a press release, the recall is for precautionary health reasons.

Pregnant women at risk Listeria are bacteria that can trigger the dangerous disease listeriosis. In this context, people who have poor physical defense are particularly at risk. In addition, pregnant women have an approximately 12-fold higher risk of developing listeriosis. The course of the disease is similar to that of a flu. First of all, sufferers suffer from diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. As the process progresses, fever, severe headache, paralysis and drowsiness may occur. In some cases, listeriosis can even lead to death. A problem in diagnosing listeriosis is diagnosis. Because it can take up to two months between infection and illness. Therefore, the symptoms described should be taken seriously. Treatment with detection is carried out with antibiotics. (ad)

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