Germans are often wrong about health issues

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Germans are often wrong about health issues

Germans are often wrong about health issues. The polling institute TNS Emnid came to this result after a survey.

Each cigarette costs a smoker 30 minutes of his life. Health is very important to the Germans, but they are often wrong on health issues. As the news magazine "Focus" reports, referring to a survey by the polling institute TNS Emnid, Germans are often wrong in their assumptions. In the survey, for example, they should state whether the following statement is true or not: "Every cigarette shortens a smoker's life by up to a minute." With 78 percent, more than three quarters of the respondents agreed. But according to "Focus" the damage is much greater and each cigarette costs a smoker around 30 minutes of his lifetime.

Apple juice has more calories than cola Another question related to the diet: "Does a glass of cola have more calories than a glass of apple juice?" 76 percent of the respondents wrongly guessed the glass of cola, which contained 123 calories in 0.3 liters. Apple juice, however, has around 20 percent more with 147 kilocalories. The Bochum medical professor Dietrich Grönemeyer commented on the result of the magazine as follows: "It is unfortunate that we adults mostly know a lot more about our car than about our body and our health." Health knowledge should be trained better, he said Advancement. TNS Emnid surveyed a total of 1,041 representative individuals. (ad)

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