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Shopping on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular

Whether clothing, electronics or books: online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and is being used by more and more people as an alternative to the traditional way of doing business. Food is also increasingly being sold in internet shops. A tempting thing, because it saves time and effort. It only becomes difficult if the customer wants to cancel the purchase - because a revocation is not easily possible with food compared to other products.

Right of revocation only for parcel delivery. Dealers are increasingly offering their customers groceries on the Internet. The big advantage: there is no need to go to the supermarket or delicatessen, instead the goods are delivered to your home quickly and easily. But this practical option also has its downside, because products ordered online may not be returned. The background: A delivery by a parcel service is a prerequisite for a right of return, because then "the regulations on distance selling apply and a right of withdrawal is not ruled out per se", according to information from the Saxony Consumer Agency. In contrast, "there is no right of withdrawal [.], For example, if food is delivered as part of direct marketing, such as the weekly vegetable crate of an organic farm or fresh milk and frozen food sold through regular sales tours," explains consumer advocate Anne-Katrin Wiesemann.

Restrictions also for food that spoils quickly As the consumer advice center further informs, it must not be about products that spoil quickly - since here too there is no fundamental right of withdrawal. According to the consumer advice center, this would include, among other things, foods that can only be consumed for a short time at certain temperatures or for a few days, such as fresh meat, fresh milk or salad.

Complaints about spoiled or defective goods are always possible, however, according to the experts, complaints about defective or spoiled goods are possible in any case - regardless of the way in which the products came into the house. Accordingly, consumers should always carefully inspect goods ordered on the advice of consumer protection and immediately inform the relevant retailer of any defects. If you wait too long instead, it can be difficult to make plausible for the supplier that, for example, spoilage of milk may not have resulted from incorrect storage. If the complaint is made promptly, according to the Saxony Consumer Agency, there is a right to flawless food - if the dealer cannot comply, the customer has the option of reducing the price or, in the event of a significant shortage, even reclaiming his money entirely. (No)

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