Germans: Great fear of cancer and dementia

Germans: Great fear of cancer and dementia

DAK survey: cancer and dementia are the most feared diseases of the Germans

Cancer is by far the most feared disease in the Germans. This was the result of a Forsa survey commissioned by the health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit. According to this, 67 percent of the respondents stated that they were most afraid of cancer. However, not everyone takes preventive examinations. According to the survey, other particularly feared diseases are Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

Fear of cancer is declining, fear of dementia is increasing On behalf of DAK-Gesundheit, the Forsa Institute conducted a nationwide and representative survey of 3,086 men and women on the subject of “fear of diseases” from October 31 to November 19, 2013 by. Although cancer continues to rank first among the most feared diseases among those surveyed, fear has declined compared to previous years. Instead, another illness is catching up. "While the fear of cancer, accident or heart attack is decreasing, the fear of incurable brain disease is increasing," spokesman Rüdiger Scharf told the news agency "dpa". Since then, dementia has continued to grow, not least due to prominent examples such as Rudi Assauer the focus of the public at the same time increases the fear of pathological oblivion.

Around 1.3 million people in Germany currently suffer from dementia. Experts even expect the number of people affected to double by 2050. "This development scares many people," Annett Saal, an expert at DAK Health, is quoted in a statement from the health insurance company. "It is the great challenge of politics and society to react to this and to improve the care conditions for dementia patients and their relatives."

Fear of dementia is greatest among seniors According to the survey, fear of dementia in the group of 60-year-old respondents is now greater than that of a malignant tumor, stroke or other serious illnesses. “In contrast, the fear of cancer is greatest among the 30- to 44-year-olds at 73 percent. This is followed by fear of a serious accident or stroke, ”the message continues.

The DAK summarizes the results of the survey as follows: The fear of cancer (67 percent) comes first among all respondents, followed by Alzheimer's / dementia (48 percent) and stroke (47 percent). 45 percent are afraid of an accident with injuries, 39 percent of a heart attack, 28 percent of a herniated disc, 26 percent of mental illnesses such as depression and 21 percent of severe lung diseases. The fear of diabetes and venereal diseases both worries 16 percent of the respondents.

Many Are Afraid, But Few Take Preventive Care Despite the widespread fear of cancer, only 54 percent of 30- to 44-year-olds said they had cancer screening. Every third person in this age group uses a health check for the early detection of cardiovascular diseases.

"Overall, 88 percent of Germans rate their current state of health as good or very good," reports the DAK. Accordingly, people in Baden Württemberg, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia feel particularly healthy. The Brandenburgers are at the bottom. They rate their health status worst. (ag)

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