ABDA: Pharmacists see opportunities in the coalition agreement

ABDA: Pharmacists see opportunities in the coalition agreement

ABDA: Pharmacists see opportunities in the coalition agreement

In the coalition agreement, pharmacists see numerous opportunities to improve health care and drug supply in Germany. However, challenges would also be formulated that would have to be dealt with in the next legislative period.

Planning security for the next four years From the point of view of the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA), the coalition agreement between the Union and the SPD offers numerous opportunities to improve health care and the supply of pharmaceuticals in Germany. Friedemann Schmidt, President of the ABDA said: "We welcome the fact that the health politicians have agreed on important milestones and that there is now planning certainty for the next four years." We see freelancers in owner-managed pharmacies as an assignment to continue to meet this patient demand in the future. "

Challenges from the provisional contract However, there are also challenges from the provisional contract. The increased manufacturer discount, which the pharmaceutical companies will continue to pay to the health insurance companies, ensures that bureaucracy and liability risks are incurred in pharmacies. On the other hand, more planning security for pharmacists and chronically ill patients would lead to the fact that the benefit assessment for the existing market of patented drugs should be stopped. And in outpatient emergency care in clinics, pharmacists would now have to examine ways in which better interlinking of medical emergency service provision with night and emergency services in public pharmacies could be guaranteed.

Solid framework conditions The plans for prevention, for patient-friendly discharge management from the inpatient to the outpatient area and for the structured care of chronically ill patients were among the greatest opportunities for the healthcare system. "The pharmacists will fight to ensure that their healthcare expertise will be used even better in the future," said ABDA President Schmidt. "In order to provide better services for patients, we need solid framework conditions, but also scope for innovative solutions." Most recently, the further development of freelance services and the fee system of pharmacies, a strengthening of the nationwide supply of pharmaceuticals and strengthening had been among the most important demands of pharmacists. (ad)

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