Petition against Hartz IV penalties

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Petition to the Bundestag against Hartz IV sanctions started

Even minimal offenses within the Hartz IV system can result in enormous penalties. We are talking about the so-called sanctions. Beneficiaries and supporters, on the other hand, are storming and have submitted a petition to the German Bundestag. Apparently with good chances of success. Because more than half of the 50,000 signatures required have already been collected online. You can still sign until December 18, 2013.

When the labor market reforms were conceived, the labor market experts assumed that most of the unemployed would simply be "too lazy" and would therefore have to be subjected to permanent pressure. In the meantime, however, parties such as the Greens, the Left Party or even parts of the unions have spoken out against the practice of sanctions. This is completely unsuitable for integrating people into the first job market and increasingly discriminates against those affected. In addition, numerous legal experts, such as the former judge at the Federal Court of Justice, Wolfgang Nešković, point out that the practice of sanctions violates the Basic Law. On the one hand, people must not be forced to work, and on the other hand, everyone has the right to a subsistence level. However, sanctions regularly fall short of this.

For example, anyone who arrives at a job center appointment too late because he was stuck in a traffic jam will be punished with a 30 percent reduction in benefits. And that for exactly 3 months. If you don't want the job center again, you even risk a 60 or 100 percent cut. Refusing exploitation in the form of so-called “one-euro jobs” is also severely punished. It is not uncommon for those affected to end up on the street because even the rental costs are no longer paid.

Always worked and still sanctioned Peter Worchert (54) has worked hard physically for over 25 years without being unemployed for a day. After he was ill for a long time and then dismissed “for operational reasons”, Worchert slipped directly into Hartz IV after receiving unemployment benefit 1. Older unemployed people often have much less chances of finding a new job. “I thought before that all Hartzers are parasites. Today I know it can really affect everyone ”.

Peter Worchert felt like a supplicant in the job center. A young clerk wanted to get him into a one-euro job. But he did not see why park sweeping and collecting leaves should integrate him again. In addition, the tone of the foreman was very rough and hurtful. He felt exploited and empty. So Worchert gave up after a week. Because, there was still no forced labor in Germany, he thought. The result: three full months of reduced benefits. An objection was rejected. A lawyer also advised against the lawsuit. So it was bitter to starve, to eat only water and bread and sometimes some cheese. Just six weeks later, he was offered another one-euro job. This time he was supposed to clean toilet chairs in a clinic. "I have no chance and do not want to risk a total lock. I do not survive that ".

Many support the cause Hundreds of thousands in Germany are doing this or something similar. But resistance to sanctions is growing. In the meantime, a large number of individual activists and initiatives such as lecturer Harald Thome, politician Katja Kipping, Gegen Hartz or vacant job center employee Inge Hannemann are calling to support the petition. Very few petitions create the required 50,000 signatures that are required for the Bundestag to take up the issue. This rightly has what it takes. Signatures are still required. If you want to support the cause, sign here. (km)

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