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Broken glass from the Kamps bakery could contain broken glass

Kamps GmbH calls back various rolls. As the bakery reports, broken glass could have gotten into the Fanblock, Korneck and pumpkin seed roll products. Customers can return the bread rolls to all branches for a refund of the purchase price.

Broken glass could have got into rolls during production. As the Kamps bakery reports, the company has recalled different types of rolls. “It cannot be ruled out that broken glass can be found in individual products of the types mentioned. Kamps GmbH reacted promptly on the grounds of preventive consumer protection and, as a precaution, took the goods out of the trade, ”said the company. The varieties Fanblock, Korneck and pumpkin seed rolls that were bought after November 18 are affected. "For safety reasons, customers who still store products of the types mentioned with them should no longer consume them," says the bakery. The affected bread rolls can also be returned to all Kamps branches without reimbursement of the purchase price.

Due to errors and disruptions in the food production process, contaminants or foreign bodies can appear in the products. At the beginning of November, two pasta sauces from the company "Zentrale Handelsgesellschaft" (ZHG) were recalled because of broken glass. Fruit slices were affected by Allos last summer. (ag)

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