Doctors sew severed hand on foot

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Chinese doctors save hand by ankle transplant

Chinese doctors have managed a small miracle in the Xiangya hospital in Hunan province: In a spectacular emergency operation, a young man's transplanted right hand was transplanted to the ankle in order to maintain its natural functions. After a month, the hand was moved back to its original position - according to the doctors, it is rather unlikely that it will work 100% in the future.

25-year-old saws off his hand while working with a drill In an unusual operation, doctors in a clinic in the Chinese province of Hunan saved a man's severed right hand by transplanting it on his ankle. As the British online newspaper "The Telegraph" currently reports, 25-year-old Xie Wei sawed off his hand while working with a drill last month and then went to the hospital with the severed limb seven hours later. There, however, the doctors had seen no chance of being able to sew the hand back on the arm, since it was assumed that the tissue would die before the operation had even ended.

Hand remains on the ankle of the man for 35 days In order to maintain the natural functions of the hand, the doctors finally decided on an unusual alternative and transplanted the hand on the ankle of the man. 35 days later it was removed and sewn onto the young man's arm - according to the "Telegraph" for Xie Wei, a miracle: "I just thought that was just supernatural. I never thought that my hand could be saved. "

Hand still feels numb. Despite the success, Xie Wei says that the hand has to be waited for because his hand still feels numb and it could take months before there are small signs of functionality. Now, as part of the restoration, another operation is to take place in six months, and according to the clinic, "a large proportion of rehabilitation is necessary so that the hand can function better than a hand prosthesis," the telegraph continues. (No)

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