Premature baby died after intestinal germ infection

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Premature baby dies after infection with intestinal germs

It is still unclear how he got infected, but it is known that a prematurely born boy died of an intestinal germ in a Frankfurt hospital. A related germ was found in three other children.

Final assessment not yet possible After the death of a prematurely born boy from an intestinal germ in the Frankfurt Citizens' Hospital, the clinic is looking for the source of the infection. "We currently do not know how the germ got into the station," said medical director Oliver Schwenn at a press conference in Frankfurt yesterday. He further explained: "The intestinal germ is currently being examined in more detail, a final assessment is not yet possible."

Three other children not at risk The three other children in whom a related germ was found were not at risk. The clinic does not accept any more premature babies for the time being. According to the information, the boy was born on December 6th in the 25th week of pregnancy with 770 grams. “The boy's state of health deteriorated rapidly on the evening of December 19. He could no longer breathe on his own, ”said the responsible senior physician at the clinic for neonatology, Silke Ehlers. The little boy eventually died of a blood infection. The doctors assume that it is a multi-resistant germ because the treatment with antibiotics had no effect. The germ probably comes from the Enterobacter bacterial group.

Police turned on The police have now been notified. As a spokesman told hr-online on Friday, it was made available on Christmas Day. But it is still unclear why or against whom. The death was classified as unsettled and the body and medical records were confiscated. "An autopsy was suggested," said the police spokesman. The hospital has so far had no knowledge of an advertisement, as Schwenn emphasized.

More than one million premature babies die each year Around one million premature babies die each year worldwide. This was the result of the first United Nations (UN) report on premature babies last year. According to the report's figures, there has been a general increase in premature births - both in developing countries and in industrialized countries. Around 15 million children are born prematurely worldwide each year. "More than one in ten babies born in the world are born prematurely," said one of the lead authors of the first premature report, Save the Children, Joy Lawn. According to the experts, around 75 percent of the deaths associated with this could be avoided by simple countermeasures. (ad)

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