Survey: Cooking is already a men's business today

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Cookbooks have had their day: More and more people are getting recipes from the Internet

For more and more men, cooking is no longer a “pure woman's job”. According to a recent survey, nine out of ten men cook in Germany at home. However, most of them do not buy cookbooks or special newspapers, but browse the Internet for new recipe ideas.

More and more people are using the Internet to prepare main courses, cakes, soups or desserts. A representative survey by the polling institute "YouGov" showed that the web search has replaced browsing through cookbooks, magazines or cooking programs. In addition, according to the results, men are more “experimental and more open to new dishes” when cooking at home.

More and more rely on cooking portals on the Internet Sizzling in the pan and next to it is the iPad with a website about cooking & recipes. It looks something like this in German kitchens a hundred thousand times over. Because online portals with recipes are more popular than ever before. Around 48 percent cook with recipe instructions from the Internet. Only then do the cooking tips (45 percent) come from grandma, mother, father or friends. Only 43 percent also leaf through cookbooks before they pick up the kitchen knife. While 50 percent of women prefer to read cookbooks, men (36 percent) tend to be online. Cooking shows are very far behind, although there has been a real boom lately. Only 10 percent are inspired by shows like Veggi TV.

Men more courageous when cooking And the survey survey also revealed something: men are more courageous than women when it comes to cooking. One in three said never to cook according to cooking instructions. In women, it was only 19 percent who confirmed this. 1054 men and women from different regions and different ages were interviewed for the survey.

Although men are a little more open-minded when it comes to cooking, "the frequency of cooking is significantly lower than that of women". More than every second woman cooks five times more or more often a week. Only every third man cooks so often. One in ten even says he never cooks. There was hardly a woman among women who never cooked either. Statistically, zero percent.

"It depends on the freshness of the ingredients," say both genders. The majority of 90 percent of women cook with fresh ingredients. After all, it is 77 percent of men. (sb)

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