Breathing consciously as a natural relaxation agent

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Proper breathing as a natural relaxation agent

Breathing says a lot about our inner state of tension. When we are under stress or in a hurry, it often gets flat and hectic. By breathing consciously, we can influence such reactions.

Actively influencing breathing Breathing says a lot about our inner state of tension. When we are in a hurry or under pressure, it usually becomes subconsciously flat and hectic. In contrast to other typical physical stress reactions, such as pulse rate, blood pressure or blood sugar, we can actively influence breathing ourselves.

Far Eastern Techniques Courses Dr. Ulrich Ott, psychologist and neuroscientist at the University of Gießen said in the "Apotheken Umschau" (1/2014 A): "Breathing, vegetative arousal and emotions are closely related." Breathing has a direct influence on what we cannot control. Breathing consciously as a natural sedative is possible anytime, anywhere, so it's worth practicing. Especially in Far Eastern techniques such as yoga, qigong or meditation, many trainers include correct breathing in their courses.

Classic Breathing Exercises There are a number of breathing exercises that can help you achieve a sense of relaxation in a matter of minutes. A “classic” is the conscious counting of breaths, with breathing in and out, for example, for four seconds each. It is important not to put yourself under pressure or to hold your breath excessively for such an exercise - instead, you should breathe in as calmly and evenly as possible through your nose and exhale through your mouth. The goal is to be aware of breathing, and it often helps to put your hand on your stomach and take a deep breath - as if you wanted to "inhale" a pleasant scent. Exhaling should also be done as intensely as possible, often it helps to imagine how to blow out a candle. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the right balance - to increase from time to time, but not to exert too much effort. (ad)

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