Good well-being through plants in the office

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Green plants increase well-being and thus increase performance

Well-being at work has a major impact on employee performance. Plants can show an extremely positive effect not only because of the visual enhancements, but also because of their effect on the indoor climate, reports TÜV Süd.

According to information from TÜV Süd, green plants improve the indoor climate by releasing moisture through the leaves, producing oxygen and filtering dust and pollutants from the air. In addition, there is the effect that most people generally find plants to be pleasant and thus their well-being is increased. This in turn has a positive effect on the effectiveness of the employees. Because "employees perform best when they feel good," the news agency "dpa" quotes occupational physician Wiete Schramm from TÜV Süd.

Checking plant soil for mold Which plants are best suited for the respective workplace depends, according to TÜV Süd, primarily on "the conditions, i.e. the premises and lighting conditions". If in doubt, you should seek expert advice in a flower shop, the TÜV recommends. In the end, it remains a question of taste which plants employees choose. Because of their effectiveness as a pollutant filter, green lilies or the dragon tree, for example, are particularly popular. However, other plants such as fern, Cyprus grass or linden tree also have a positive effect on the office atmosphere and indoor climate, according to TÜV Süd. "However, the earth should be checked regularly and replaced if mold is formed," warn the experts at TÜV Süd. The occupational physician Wiete Schramm also recommends asking colleagues before setting up new plants, as there may be allergies to certain plants such as Ficus. (fp)

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