Gym contract in case of disability

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Cancellation of the gym contract possible in the event of permanent inability to exercise

A gym contract is usually concluded with a minimum term of 12 or 24 months. However, if the member can no longer use the sports offer due to illness, there is the possibility of immediate termination under certain conditions. This is what Ralf Reichertz from the Thuringia consumer center points out to the “dpa” news agency. So a permanent incapacity for sport is a reason for termination.

Cancellation of the fitness studio contract due to permanent inability to exercise must be accompanied by a medical certificate. After the turn of the year, the fitness studios regularly fill up with new members. The New Year's resolutions often include doing more exercise, losing weight, or generally living healthier. As a result, the walk to the sports club around the corner is obvious. But what happens if a member is unable to continue training due to illness? Gym contracts generally run for at least one to two years and can only be terminated after this period. This usually also applies if a member is absent for a longer period, for example after an accident. In this case, however, the gyms often offer to suspend the contract for the duration of the inability to exercise and then to continue running normally.

Reichertz explains, however, that a physically certified permanent incapacity to exercise constitutes a reason for termination. The termination applies with immediate effect within a period of two weeks after detection of the illness. The letter should either be sent to the fitness studio by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or be handed in personally. The expert advises to have the receipt of the letter confirmed on a copy of the termination. A doctor's certificate is generally required for the contract termination. This can be issued by the family doctor or a specialist without providing detailed information about the illness. (ag)

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