Diet myths about cabbage soup and carbohydrates

Diet myths about cabbage soup and carbohydrates

Diet myths: nutrition experts explain about cabbage soup, carbohydrates and fruit before exercise

If you want to lose weight, you are spoiled for choice. Countless diets promise fast weight loss. Three nutrition experts told the magazine “Fokus” whether cabbage soup, the absence of carbohydrates or the pineapple diet actually let the kilos drop. Monika Bischoff, head of the Center for Nutritional Medicine and Prevention at the Barmherzige Brüder Hospital in Munich, Professor Hans Hauner, Director of the Institute for Nutritional Medicine at the Technical University of Munich, and Professor Martin Halle, Director of the Center for Prevention, Nutrition and Sports Medicine at the Technical University of Munich the most popular diet myths under the microscope.

Diet myths are not based on scientific knowledge about nutrition. One misconception about dieting is the assumption that soy products are more effective in losing weight than dairy products. In fact, soy foods have no significant advantage over cow's milk products on a diet. The vegetable protein often serves as a substitute for dairy products for vegetarians and vegans. It contains calcium, but in smaller amounts than normal milk products. That should also be considered when dieting.

The radical diet, in which the diet is switched to a certain or only a few foods, is also a popular diet myth. It should lead to customer success particularly quickly. Examples are the cabbage soup diet and the pineapple diet. However, nutrition experts advise against radical diets and thus one-sided nutrition. For example, the cabbage soup diet does not contain any protein, so that fat burning is inhibited. The risk of the yo-yo effect is accordingly high. Nutrition experts therefore advise against radical diets for long-term and sustainable weight loss.

In the pineapple diet, the enzyme bromelain is supposed to prevent fat utilization and thus contribute to weight loss. In fact, bromelain is broken down during human digestion, resulting in small fragments that have no effect in the intestine.

Numerous diet myths promise quick success when losing weight Another mistake concerns weight loss. Some people who want to lose weight assume a dress size within two weeks. According to the nutrition experts, this is not possible if the diet includes a healthy diet. For every kilo less on the scale, around 7,000 calories have to be saved. Since a dress size corresponds to a weight loss of five kilograms, around 35,000 calories have to be saved. If you want to permanently reduce your weight, you should not consume more than 400 kilocalories per day. With regular exercise, an additional 300 calories can be burned. For a weight loss of five kilos, two to three months should be planned.

Another diet myth relates to diet before exercise. According to this, an apple should give the metabolism a strong boost before exercising. The opposite is true, however, as the nutrition experts report. Accordingly, the sugar contained in the apple is available more quickly than the stored fat, so that the body first uses it for energy. The fat cells are only attacked when the sugar is used up. Exercising on an empty stomach is therefore more effective for losing weight.

It is also very popular to avoid carbohydrates after 6 p.m. Nutrition experts consider this type of diet questionable primarily because a carbohydrate-free diet after 6 p.m. does not necessarily mean that the diet before that is healthy and balanced. The other way around, those who eat pasta, rice and potatoes do not automatically eat unhealthily. Refraining from carbohydrates usually also means loss of quality of life, since a lot is dispensed with. Gradually, the appetite for food fades away. The nutrition experts therefore recommend a balanced diet.

The golden rule for losing weight Only those who use more energy than they consume lose weight. This means that we only lose weight if we burn more calories in our daily work, in sports and of course through our body's own processes such as metabolism, which we have ingested in the form of food. Experts also speak of a negative energy balance.

Hardly any diet is successful in the long term without accompanying sporting activity. Because during exercise, additional calories can be burned, which would otherwise have to be saved when eating. (ag)

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